The Leaf Man

The Leaf Man

The Leaf Man Gutter Guards: More Problems Than Solutions

When choosing a gutter guard for your home, you may stumble upon “The Leaf Man” brand, known for its variety of Bluescope steel or aluminium gutter guards. Although they claim compatibility with all metal roofing and tile roofs, these guards often present more challenges than benefits. Here’s why.

The Issue with Water Flow

The primary problem with The Leaf Man gutter guards lies in their design. The minute openings in the guard restrict water flow, often causing it to wash right over the top. This issue subverts the very purpose of the gutter – to guide water into the stormwater system. When water doesn’t reach its designated destination, it can lead to unforeseen problems elsewhere.

Limited Debris Filtration

The small holes in The Leaf Man gutter guards also inhibit debris filtration. Although they might prevent clogging due to their fine mesh, these guards essentially keep everything, including water, out of the gutter. Thus, homeowners are left questioning the guard’s utility in the first place.

Aesthetic and Practical Concerns

From an aesthetic perspective, The Leaf Man gutter guards can quickly become an eyesore. Leaves and other debris pile up on top of the guard, making it immediately noticeable. Furthermore, removing these guards for cleaning is a daunting task that could potentially damage your gutter system.

The Superior Alternative

While The Leaf Man gutter guards’ durability might be appealing, a properly installed fine and robust mesh gutter guard will always outperform them.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right gutter guard is critical for maintaining your home’s gutter efficiency and longevity. While The Leaf Man gutter guards may initially appear attractive with their variety and durability, they often introduce problems like restricted water flow, limited debris filtration, and challenging maintenance.

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